Quiz Studio app


Quiz Studio app is a simple yet very powerful learning and testing tool. It allows users to study subjects using old-fashion flashcards technique with text and images.

Quiz Studio gives students access to tens of millions free, ready to use flashcards available from Quizlet. The app includes advanced search to quickly find a required set. Students can study and test themselves, with or without downloading flashcard sets to device.

The app allows users to create their own flashcard sets by using either intuitive built-in flashcards maker or by importing flashcards from Google spreadsheets.

App Features:

- User-friendly interface

- Ability to include text and/or images in flashcards

- Ability to search and use tens of millions of free, ready to use flashcards from Quizlet

- Ability to study and test with or without downloading Quizlet flashcard sets

- Ability to import flashcard sets from Google spreadsheets

- Intuitive built-in flashcard set maker with ability to add, edit, move and delete flashcards

- Ability to switch and view either one or both sides of the card

- Ability to bookmark and checkmark flashcards

- Ability to instantly filter between bookmarked, checked, not checked and all flashcards

- Built-in text-to-speech capability (English only) for studying and testing

- Option to choose among 5 beautiful backgrounds

- Option to choose among 50+ fonts with automatic font size adjustment and alignment

- Option to choose among millions of different flashcard colors

- Option to set different colors to term and definition sides

Testing Features:

- Free version of the app includes limited testing capability

- Option to choose between 5 different test types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Written, Written with audio help, Spelling

- Option to prompt testing with term or definition

- Option to test only checked, unchecked, bookmarked or any random number of terms

- Option to test with or without time limitation

- Ability to instantly filter between answered, not answered or all questions during testing

- Ability to instantly filter between correct, incorrect or all answers upon test completion

- Ability to set different colors to question and answers with or without lines

- Display test result hints

- Ability to pause/continue testing

- Automatic recording of all test results


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